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Why buy window treatments from Lavish Interiors?

As a new homeowner (or if you're opening a new office,
restaurant, or business) you have a lot on your mind. Choosing
window treatments is another decision you need to make, but
it shouldn't add to your stress.


I've been consulting with new homeowners like you for nearly
ten years. I recognize you have a lot of questions about window
treatments. I understand your concerns. Because of my
experience in this industry, I understand the pros and cons of
all window treatments.


I help you make choose the best solutions for your home by
considering light control, privacy, design, and budget. I work to
ensure my customers avoid making costly and regrettable
decisions. In addition, my initial consultation is FREE. I also
offer the highest quality product with a life-time warranty at
the lowest price in the Twin Cities.


Hunter Douglas

What brands do you carry?

We carry only the highest quality name-brand window treatments
from manufacturers such as: Hunter Douglas, Kathy Ireland by
Alta, Norman Shutters, Lafayette, and Insolroll.


There are many online window treatment sites as well as big box
stores that provide other lower-priced products; however, we stay
far away from them. We aim for your life-time 100% satisfaction.


Hunter Douglas


How do your prices compare with other window treatment dealers?

Because of my longevity in the window treatment business, I know
the industry inside and out. I have negotiated pricing with the
manufacturers to achieve a fair cost - and I pass it onto you. Also, I have no overhead - no showroom, no warehouse, no advertising
budget! I rely strictly on word of mouth from past customers, realtors,
and builders to spread the word on the benefits of using Lavish
Interiors for your window treatment needs. Because of these rock-
bottom costs and no overhead - I pass on savings on to my
customers and your friends and their friends...


On average, my prices are 10-15 percent less than big box stores,
franchises, and other window treatment/paint store retailers.


Hunter Douglas


Are the less expensive blinds online the same quality as the blinds you provide?

No, no, no! Like the old saying, "you get what you pay for". While lower priced window treatments from various outlets are available, they are not the brand-name, quality products I install. (In addition, all of my products come with a life-time warranty.)


Hunter Douglas


How do your window treatments differ from online retailers?

Here are some examples. If you want more detailed comparisons,
please contact me!


Online discount blinds are NOT a comparable product to the blinds produced by Hunter Douglas, Norman Shutters, Lafayette, and Insolroll. The online "manufacturers" have done everything possible
with overseas suppliers to take as much cost out of the product as
possible in order to market at their prices. For example: with wood
blinds, the online manufacturers use a thinner wood slat, a lower
quality ladder (the string formation), and a flimsy headrail. Therefore,
the slats and the headrail will bow over time, the ladder will stretch,
and the strings will fray or break. The tilting mechanism is going to
also be very rough and jerky rather than a smooth movement. This
will cause the blinds to have rapid wear and tear.


By contrast, our wood blinds made with care and use extremely high
quality materials. In addition, we offer a 1/2" return on the wood
valance. This valance covers up the metal headrail and the 1/2" return
turns the valance into a cornice. With the 1/2" return, the bracket and
hardware will be covered up and you end up with a professional
finished look. If you do not have the 1/2" return, you will be able to
see the bracket and the blunt 90 degree cut of the wood valance.


Manufacturers for the online sites use a cotton fabric. Although the
cotton fabric feels very soft, it is the best dust collector and paper
towel available for soaking up condensation during the winter. Meaning - you will have quite the moldy science project approximately six months after installing them.


The difference? Hunter Douglas uses spun-poly fabric. This material
will repel dust and condensation. The Hunter Douglas fabric also has
a patented glue system with a lifetime warranty ensuring the pleat
stays in perfect shape. Also, Hunter Douglas uses Tru-pleat technology
(the pleat on interior of the room is larger than the pleat on the backside). The result? This pleat will permanently stay pleated instead of stretching flat like other, less-quality shades.


Hunter Douglas

What is the lead-time to receive the blinds?

From the time you place your order, blinds are generally installed
within 2 to 3 weeks!


Hunter Douglas


Where is Lavish Interiors located?

We serve the entire Twin Cities and St. Croix River Valley area.
However, don't look for our showroom -we don't have one. This
is how we keep our operating costs low and your window treatment
prices LOWER! We bring the showroom to your home or workplace
- therefore, you can see how the window treatments and the colors look in YOUR environment, with YOUR lighting, and YOUR decor.


Hunter Douglas

What exactly is a FREE In-Home Consultation?

We visit your home or workplace - and our travel time and design
time when meeting with you is at no charge. We bring all the window
treatments samples to your home to review with you. We discuss
your needs for insulation, light control, heat control, privacy, and
the whether you have finishing touch needs involving fabric
treatments (valances, draperies, panels, etc.). We'll give you a quote
and show that our prices are affordable and the lowest in town.


Hunter Douglas


What's in it for me if I refer you to my friend?

Because we know you'll be so satisfied with our service and product
offered to you, we ask that you tell your friends, family, and colleagues
about us. And, if you referral turns into an order, we will gladly send
you a gift certificate to the store or restaurant of your choice as a
"thank you" for spreading the word about Lavish Interiors.


Hunter Douglas


What is the warranty on the product?

There is a limited life-time warranty on all products we carry. And,
Hunter Douglas recently increased the warranty on the strings from
three years to SEVEN years. This is unheard of. There are less
expensive window treatments out there - but you get what you pay
for - and these products rarely have more than a three or five year

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